Web Development

At Gordon Bennett Technologies we can design and build websites to your needs and specification. We can offer websites with built-in Content Management. This allows you to update the website direrectly via a web interface so that you can keep your details up to date quickly and easily.


Portfolio of Recent Websites

There follows a selection of our recent websites.

PA4You Ltd.

web pa4you

PA4You Ltd


This flexible website was created to the exact design requested by the customer. The coloured banners at the top of the page may be selected separately for each page as may the number of columns at the bottom of the page.

SPS Electrical Contractors Ltd

web sps electrical

SPS Electrical Contractors Ltd


This flexible website is one of our standard sites which combines maximum flexibility and control over the content whilst enabling a professional web presence in a short space of time.

Gordon Bennett Technologies Ltd

web gordonbennett

Gordon Bennett Technologies Ltd.


Naturally, our own website is a Flexible Website!

South Cheshire Business Club Ltd.

web southcheshirebusinessclub

South Cheshire Business Club Ltd.


This website was commissioned by a local independent business club and has an additional secure area for Executive Members for document storage. As with the other GBT Flexible Websites it is fully updateable from a secure administrative area and it also allows the club to amend the membership details and upload logos as required.


Dusty Miller - Wrenbury

web dustymillerwrenbury

The Dusty Miller


At Gordon Bennett Technologies Ltd., we realize the importance of understanding your business requirements and incorporating this knowledge into the website. This site is aimed at tourists and especially users of the waterways, so an appropriate visual effect has been used. The front page also uses a view that will appeal to waterways users. The site design has maintained the corporate image of a "rustic look" as well as incorporating a waterways theme. Ease of navigation has been considered from the outset so that potential customers viewing the site can find the information they require quickly and easily.


The London Shirt and Tie Company

web londonshirtandtie

The London Shirt and Tie Company 


This is the old website design for The London Shirt and Tie Company for illustration purposes. The infrastructure behind this website and the redesigned website remained the same, yet there is a complete contrast between the look and feel of the two websites. 

The London Shirt and Tie Company - Redesign

web londonshirtandtienew

The London Shirt and Tie Company


This website recently had a complete redesign which is in complete contrast to the old one above. This demonstrates how truly flexible these websites are.  


Howard Worth Extranet

web hwnet

Howard Worth Extranet


This is a password protected website that allows a large multi-site accountancy firm to host common documentation and information amongst its staff.


AIB Solutions Ltd.

web aibsolutions

aib solutions Ltd


AIB Solutions Ltd. are a locally based national company specializing in the removal of asbestos in buildings. Their requirements were for an easy to use updateable site to enable them to make any necessary amendments swiftly and cost-effectively. As they are obliged to comply with various legal requirements, the ability to quickly adapt their website accordingly if required, was of paramount importance.


Malbank and Geita School Partnership

web malbankgeita

This website was donated by Gordon Bennett Technologies Ltd. to the Malbank and Geita School partnership, aiming to raise £10,000 for Geita school in Tanzania. Whilst we received no funds for creating this site, it has still had the full Gordon Bennett Technologies Ltd. treatment. All pages are fully accessible with easy navigation and the same style is maintained throughout.


This site has also been optimized for search engines and features highly on all major search engines.


This website is currently being moved... 

KB Property Management

web kbpropertymanagement

KB Property Management


This website is used for private lettings and was set up and populated in a day to coincide with an advert which was appearing the same day. By the next day, enquiries were received as a direct result of the tenant being able to view photos of the property, before making further enquiries.

Zeon Enterprises Ltd.

web zeonenterprises

Zeon Enterprises


This website was recently commissioned and is in the process of being updated by the customer.

Bug Zappit

web bugzappit

Bug Zappit


This website was commissioned by York World Ltd., the sole importers of the original "Bug Zappit". These are sold throughout the country in many of the larger high street Garden Centre and DIY chains.

RJM Information Technologies

web rjmit

RJM Information Technologies  


Our GBT Flexible Websites are created in conjunction with RJM Information Technologies - a local company with whom Gordon Bennett Technologies Ltd. has had a long standing working relationship. RJM Information Technologies have highly skilled database and software experts available which ensures the quality and stability of our product.