Terms and Conditions

By accepting any of our services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Payment Terms

Payment terms for IT support are strictly according to the invoice. In most cases this is 14 days from the invoice date but may be reduced for certain services.


Payment terms for bespoke software, website and search engine optimization work are strictly 50% on placement of order and 50% immediately on completion.


Payment terms for internet services, retail software and hardware are payable in advance unless otherwise stated by a signed agreement between both parties and we reserve the right to cancel or suspend any services for any bills that remain unpaid when due. We will not be held responsible for any client's loss of business, goodwill or any liability resulting from the termination of any such services. We also reserve the right to suspend any services if bills are also outstanding from any customer's subsidiary or other owned businesses.



Any hardware, bespoke software, retail software, domain names, websites etc. remain the property of Gordon Bennett Technologies Ltd. until paid for. If a domain name purchase is requested and payment is not received in advance, the registrant's name and contact details will be that of the director of Gordon Bennett Technologies Ltd. Any future changes to the registrant details will be subject to the cost price of any Nominet fees applicable at that time. They will also be subject to an administration fee payable to Gordon Bennett Tecnologies Ltd in advance.


We reserve the right to charge interest on any overdue payments which will be not less than 8% above the Bank of England base rate.

Termination of accounts

With the exception of hosting accounts, the notice period to terminate an account is the same period as the normal payment. E.g. for weekly payments, one week's notice; for monthly payments, one month's notice etc. For annual payments, this notice period may sometimes be waived by agreement with Gordon Bennett Technologies Ltd.


The notice period required to terminate a hosting account is two months before the next bill is due for the account. The billing period is the same period as that selected at the commencement of the hosting account. A request to terminate a hosting account must be received in writing.


N.B. No refunds are given for partial periods.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property of any bespoke software product, website or database, remains with the designer or programmer of said software, website or database.